Today’s Throwback Thursday


On the left there’s a photo of the medal from my first race ever….EVER. Compared with the 2013 medal, you can see that race medals have come a loooonnnggg way. I got talked into doing the 2006 Chicago Half Marathon by some blogging, running friends. We all helped each other train online and then met up for the first time ever in Chicago. It was an amazing, wonderful experience and it lead me down the running addiction path that I’m on today. I have to laugh that I chose a HALF MARATHON as my first race. I’d never even run a little, local 5k. Dang, that was either just idiocy or ballsy.

And how cool, but my friend Nicole reminded me that 2016 will be the 20th anniversary of the Chicago Half Marathon and my 10th year Runniversary!! I’m smelling a RACE-cation Nicole. 🙂 How COOL is that???

What was your first race, distance, and when?

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6 thoughts on “Today’s Throwback Thursday

  1. BTW: If you do seriously consider this in your 2016 planning let me know in 2015 ( ‘if’ you dont mind me tagging along) for this particular racecation. I have never been to Chicago and this sounds like a fun racecation 🙂 I am booked for racecations this year and already starting 2015 planning lol!

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