Throwback Thursday… to my first marathon

San Antonio marathon


A little throwback Thursday to my very first marathon – the 2008 Inaugural Rock ‘n’ Roll San Antonio Marathon. All I remember during this picture is I was so tired and in So Much Pain. Everything hurt. But I was also so elated. I had done it! I had just completed 26.2 miles…on my feet…without passing out! My entire family came out to cheer me on. I still remember them screaming for me at the finish. I have a coffee mug from the expo and it is a most prized possession. One look at that mug reminds me of all I do can when I just put my mind and body to it.

I’m pictured here with Sarah from I Sarah the Queen. She helped me virtually train for this marathon and supported me throughout the entire journey. I love her to death. If you don’t follow her, you should definitely  check out her blog. She is amazing!

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