4 Steps to Good Running Form

I saw this infographic the other day and thought it was a good, quick reminder of some things to do and think about while running to achieve good form. GFR BROCHURE_Daren_FINAL-2(source: http://www.goodformrunning.com/)

See that runner in blue under “Common Running Form”…yup, that’s me in almost every race photo. I’m a chronic heel striker. I slouch. I over-stride. Check, check, and check. The funny thing is with the pregnancy extra weight and odd weight placement I’m having to adjust my running to accommodate. I’ve really noticed I’m taking shorter, quicker strides. Increasing my cadence and shortening my stride has really helped keep my running in check. I also noticed my speed doesn’t suffer as much when I do this. Now to focus on midfoot striking and good posture.

Have a great Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “4 Steps to Good Running Form

    • It is SO HARD to think about it all. I fail miserable, especially when I get fatigued. I try and focus on one form correction at a time but it’s still a battle.

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