5 Things a Pregnant Woman Does NOT Want to Hear

What is it about speaking to a pregnant lady that gets people all tongue tied and flustered? Is it my mammoth boobs that are distracting you? Are you afraid that I will bowl you over with my ginormous swollen belly? Are you intimidated that I’m producing millions of new cells every second and you aren’t (nah-nah-nee-boo-boo!)? Ok, I know most people mean well and are just trying to make conversation, but you hear some seriously ignorant things coming out of people’s mouths while you are pregnant. Here’s a run down of 5 thing no pregnant woman EVER wants to hear about.

1. “Get your sleep while you can.”

This one always cracks me up. Umm…OK. So I can now BANK my sleep hours and make a sleep withdrawal for later? Damn. I could have really used that for my college all nighters (and a few late night parties that segued into early morning work episodes)! It makes NO difference whether you sleep now because you will get NO sleep later. And your body somehow adjusts. You just make it through. You turn into Superwoman. You go into overdrive. You get by. And for all those sleepless nights there are a thousand wonderful, special moments that you share with that little guy/girl at 3:00 a.m. that you will remember and cherish.

2. “You’re SO big/tiny!”

NO pregnant woman wants a comment on their pregnancy weight…EVER. I recently had a family member tell me, “You don’t look like you’ve gained too much weight.” Really? WTF? I’m actually right on track to gain the same amount I did with Little Z which is right at the recommended weight gain. And so what if I gain a lot more!?! So long as mom and baby are healthy and happy the only words that should  be coming out of your mouth are, “You look amazing/gorgeous/beautiful!” Period.

3. Your labor story.

Another, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…do NOT want to hear it…la, la, la, la, la. *fingers inserted into ears*  I don’t want to hear about how difficult or easy your labor was because it has zero relevance to how this labor will go. Every labor is completely different. I don’t want details on the crunching and popping sounds you heard while receiving your epidural. I don’t want to hear about the mirror you used to watch the baby’s head crown. I don’t want to hear how you sneezed and your baby was miraculously here with little to no effort and you went shopping at Target the next day. Unless I specifically ask you about it, please don’t offer it.

4. Unsolicited “advice”

Again, IF I DON’T ASK YOU ABOUT IT, PLEASE DON’T OFFER IT. I don’t want to hear how 30 years ago you let little Johnny sleep on his stomach and chew on a wooden clothespin for a teether and he’s fine and I should do the same. I have received so much “advice” (mostly again from well-meaning folks) about sleep schedules, where my baby should sleep, what kind of diapers I should be using, whether I should cover or uncover that baby, what I should be feeding my baby, tricks to get my baby to eat better, etc. etc. ad nauseam, ad nauseam. Please let me find my own way. And that’s precisely what it is, my way. It works for my family and we’re all healthy and happy.

5. “Your life is totally going to change.”

For this one I’m referring to the “Your life is going to change.” comment accompanied by a grimace face and head tilt. You know the one I’m talking about. The “Aww…bless your heart!” face. This is usually followed up immediately with the “Get your sleep while you can.” comment or the “Enjoy your freedom while you can.” comment. And they may even go into it further moaning about how hard life is with children. I will agree with this. Yes. It’s hard…VERY hard. Lock yourself in the closet, while curled up in a rocking fetal position hard sometimes. But no new mom wants to hear that. She wants to bask in the glow of her pregnancy and the anticipation of new baby smell, and tiny baby feet and baby cuddles. LET HER! Yes, it’s hard, but OH WOW it’s so amazing. For every hard moment, there are a million heavenly moments where you feel like you may burst with love for this little guy/girl. I would not trade my old life before Little Z for anything in the world. I am so, so very blessed and I LOVE how my life has changed.


Friday Five

My Friday five favorite things right now!

1. Up & Up tear free kids 3 in 1 body wash in Ollie Orange Mango from Target – Ok, so originally I bought this for Little Z but it smells SOOOOO GOOD that I’ve kinda been stealing it. Heee…20140725_103808

2. Cherries, cherries, cherries! I have lost count how many boxes of cherries I’ve been through.

3. Sunscreen. Ohhhh thank goodness for sunscreen. We have been spending so much time outside lately. Feeding ducks, playground time, sandbox digging, sprinkler jumping and pool swimming equal lots and lots of time spent outside in the sun. No sunburns here!


4. Cooler weather in the mornings to get in a good walk/schlog/run. Thank you polar vortex!!!


5. A wonderful visit from my Mom. Little Z loves his Nana! We all love it when she comes in to visit.


Friday Five

Just a quick post on five of my favorite things right now:

1. I’m so excited about my friend Heather’s baby shower tomorrow!! She’s one of my pregnancy buddies. Our due dates are about a week apart! I’m so happy to be there to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby M.


2. Aquaphor Healing Ointment. THIS stuff is such a cure all for so many skin issues. My dermatologist recommended it ages ago for a healing scar to keep it moist. I use this several times a day on my hands to help keep my eczema from acting up. I also use it on areas that are really prone to dryness like under my eyes in the evenings before I go to bed. It’s great stuff for nasty diaper rash or post long run butt chaffe…heh, heh. I’ve been using it on my belly during the pregnancy to keep the skin moisturized and hopefully avoid stretch marks (so far so good!).


3. My bracelet from Repurposed Kate. Everytime I put this bracelet on I just smile and I get so many compliments. It absolutely sparkles and shines and twinkles in the sunlight. Kate hand makes all of her jewelry and tries to repurpose everyday items into her artistic creations. They are all one of a kind and just gorgeous. You can see her work here and here.

20140506_134217 20140506_134456
4. Splash park fun! We looovvveee playing at the splash park. It’s getting really hot and there’s nothing quite like an afternoon at the splash park followed by a sno-ball to beat the heat.


5. Sour watermelon sno-balls. I’m usually a cake batter or wedding cake kinda sno-ball gal, but man-oh-man I’m newly addicted to the sour watermelon flavor. As you all know, I LOVE all things watermelon right now. This mix of watermelon + icy cold + a little bit of tartness is JUST what the fetus ordered. Little Z and I share a small one after the splash park to complete our summer afternoons.


Running while pregnant – 27 weeks

It’s time for a pregnancy update! We’ve hit 27 weeks. Time is flying by and October will be here before we know it! EEP!

We went in for our second anatomy scan last week and everything is right on track and looking great. We brought Little Z (#1) along with us while the doctor “looked at mommy’s tummy” so he could see what’s going on. He was not impressed. He liked all the buttons and cords and beeping of the machines more. Ha! But he still talks about going to the doctor with mommy to look at her tummy. I don’t think the reality will really set in until we bring Baby Z-peat home from the hospital and he’s there to stay.


Hello World! I’m 27 weeks old!

How I’m Feeling:

I’m still having some stomach issues, but it actually seems to be getting better. Small meals are the key. I’m actually kind of grazing and snacking throughout the day. I try and make lunch my largest meal. This gives me enough time to digest so I don’t feel like I have a lead brick sitting on my stomach all night. The insomnia has been OK. It comes in spurts. I will have one night of it where I’m awake from 2:30 to 5:30 and then sleep like a log the next night. Luckily I’m able to work from home several days a week and I can sneak in a quick lunchtime nap if I need it. My eczema has been really acting up on my hands as well. It did with my first so I was expecting it. Apparently that’s pretty common with pregnancy too. I wake up and my fingers are so itchy. It drives me batty! Luckily I have a great steroid cream from my dermatologist that helps if it gets really bad. Usually I can keep it at bay with coconut oil and Aquaphor healing ointment. Continual moisturizing is the key. But other than those minor issues I’m actually feeling pretty good. My energy levels are good and I’m having no heartburn or swelling issues.


Weight gain:

Between 11 and 12 pounds.  Although I feel like I’ve gained 30. It seems to be all in my hips and thighs. My rear end feels HUGE!! UGH! And my bra size has gone up. Hello mammoth boobs.



I still run the extremes of wanting cold and sweet to crunchy and salty within minutes of each other. Pickles and ice cream anyone? Ha! Right now I’m buying cherries in bulk at Sam’s. I love summer cherries. I can knock back a huge bowl in no time. My other guilty pleasure is hamburger sliced dill pickles. Yes….pickles. 🙂 The generic Albertson’s brand is soooo yummy and thick and crunchy. *drool*



My running has been pretty decent. We’ve had a couple of cool spells plus frequent afternoon rain showers (welcome to Southern Louisiana!). It has actually cut the heat quite a bit. Last week we had several mornings of low 70s degree weather! It was amazing! I’m still managing to get about three runs in a week and trying to do some walking or cross training in between. I really can’t run back to back days anymore. I’ve been plagued by hip pain (stemming from an old knee injury) in my right hip even before I got pregnant. The pregnancy seems to have made it worse. My hip gets so sore after a run now. I’m guessing the extra weight and weird weight displacement. There’s actually a good article about the extra strain pregnancy places on your joints here: http://www.webmd.com/baby/features/preventing-aches-and-pains-during-pregnancy.  Stretching, icing  and rest days between runs help. I’m also still using the filpbelt for belly support and it’s working great. I haven’t had to bust out the support band yet and I’m glad. That thing is great, but it’s thick neoprene which equals sweaty, sweaty, mess. Yuck.

27 weeks

Loving my new Sweat Pink burnout tank! So light and comfy!