Running while pregnant – 27 weeks

It’s time for a pregnancy update! We’ve hit 27 weeks. Time is flying by and October will be here before we know it! EEP!

We went in for our second anatomy scan last week and everything is right on track and looking great. We brought Little Z (#1) along with us while the doctor “looked at mommy’s tummy” so he could see what’s going on. He was not impressed. He liked all the buttons and cords and beeping of the machines more. Ha! But he still talks about going to the doctor with mommy to look at her tummy. I don’t think the reality will really set in until we bring Baby Z-peat home from the hospital and he’s there to stay.


Hello World! I’m 27 weeks old!

How I’m Feeling:

I’m still having some stomach issues, but it actually seems to be getting better. Small meals are the key. I’m actually kind of grazing and snacking throughout the day. I try and make lunch my largest meal. This gives me enough time to digest so I don’t feel like I have a lead brick sitting on my stomach all night. The insomnia has been OK. It comes in spurts. I will have one night of it where I’m awake from 2:30 to 5:30 and then sleep like a log the next night. Luckily I’m able to work from home several days a week and I can sneak in a quick lunchtime nap if I need it. My eczema has been really acting up on my hands as well. It did with my first so I was expecting it. Apparently that’s pretty common with pregnancy too. I wake up and my fingers are so itchy. It drives me batty! Luckily I have a great steroid cream from my dermatologist that helps if it gets really bad. Usually I can keep it at bay with coconut oil and Aquaphor healing ointment. Continual moisturizing is the key. But other than those minor issues I’m actually feeling pretty good. My energy levels are good and I’m having no heartburn or swelling issues.


Weight gain:

Between 11 and 12 pounds.  Although I feel like I’ve gained 30. It seems to be all in my hips and thighs. My rear end feels HUGE!! UGH! And my bra size has gone up. Hello mammoth boobs.



I still run the extremes of wanting cold and sweet to crunchy and salty within minutes of each other. Pickles and ice cream anyone? Ha! Right now I’m buying cherries in bulk at Sam’s. I love summer cherries. I can knock back a huge bowl in no time. My other guilty pleasure is hamburger sliced dill pickles. Yes….pickles. 🙂 The generic Albertson’s brand is soooo yummy and thick and crunchy. *drool*



My running has been pretty decent. We’ve had a couple of cool spells plus frequent afternoon rain showers (welcome to Southern Louisiana!). It has actually cut the heat quite a bit. Last week we had several mornings of low 70s degree weather! It was amazing! I’m still managing to get about three runs in a week and trying to do some walking or cross training in between. I really can’t run back to back days anymore. I’ve been plagued by hip pain (stemming from an old knee injury) in my right hip even before I got pregnant. The pregnancy seems to have made it worse. My hip gets so sore after a run now. I’m guessing the extra weight and weird weight displacement. There’s actually a good article about the extra strain pregnancy places on your joints here:  Stretching, icing  and rest days between runs help. I’m also still using the filpbelt for belly support and it’s working great. I haven’t had to bust out the support band yet and I’m glad. That thing is great, but it’s thick neoprene which equals sweaty, sweaty, mess. Yuck.

27 weeks

Loving my new Sweat Pink burnout tank! So light and comfy!

6 thoughts on “Running while pregnant – 27 weeks

  1. You are such a rock star running through your pregnancy! And you look great! Hooray for the 3rd tri home stretch. I’m so glad you are feeling well (and that is one cute ultrasound!)

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