Friday Five

Just a quick post on five of my favorite things right now:

1. I’m so excited about my friend Heather’s baby shower tomorrow!! She’s one of my pregnancy buddies. Our due dates are about a week apart! I’m so happy to be there to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby M.


2. Aquaphor Healing Ointment. THIS stuff is such a cure all for so many skin issues. My dermatologist recommended it ages ago for a healing scar to keep it moist. I use this several times a day on my hands to help keep my eczema from acting up. I also use it on areas that are really prone to dryness like under my eyes in the evenings before I go to bed. It’s great stuff for nasty diaper rash or post long run butt chaffe…heh, heh. I’ve been using it on my belly during the pregnancy to keep the skin moisturized and hopefully avoid stretch marks (so far so good!).


3. My bracelet from Repurposed Kate. Everytime I put this bracelet on I just smile and I get so many compliments. It absolutely sparkles and shines and twinkles in the sunlight. Kate hand makes all of her jewelry and tries to repurpose everyday items into her artistic creations. They are all one of a kind and just gorgeous. You can see her work here and here.

20140506_134217 20140506_134456
4. Splash park fun! We looovvveee playing at the splash park. It’s getting really hot and there’s nothing quite like an afternoon at the splash park followed by a sno-ball to beat the heat.


5. Sour watermelon sno-balls. I’m usually a cake batter or wedding cake kinda sno-ball gal, but man-oh-man I’m newly addicted to the sour watermelon flavor. As you all know, I LOVE all things watermelon right now. This mix of watermelon + icy cold + a little bit of tartness is JUST what the fetus ordered. Little Z and I share a small one after the splash park to complete our summer afternoons.


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