Friday Five

My Friday five favorite things right now!

1. Up & Up tear free kids 3 in 1 body wash in Ollie Orange Mango from Target – Ok, so originally I bought this for Little Z but it smells SOOOOO GOOD that I’ve kinda been stealing it. Heee…20140725_103808

2. Cherries, cherries, cherries! I have lost count how many boxes of cherries I’ve been through.

3. Sunscreen. Ohhhh thank goodness for sunscreen. We have been spending so much time outside lately. Feeding ducks, playground time, sandbox digging, sprinkler jumping and pool swimming equal lots and lots of time spent outside in the sun. No sunburns here!


4. Cooler weather in the mornings to get in a good walk/schlog/run. Thank you polar vortex!!!


5. A wonderful visit from my Mom. Little Z loves his Nana! We all love it when she comes in to visit.


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