Running…rather walking while pregnant – 33 weeks


It’s been a while since I’ve updated on my pregnancy. It’s fiscal year end and things always get CRAZY around this time. Anyhoo…we hit 33 weeks on Saturday. EEP! It’s getting real folks! Only 6 and a half weeks to go now and I’ve still barely prepared for this guy. I do have some new clothes purchased but really we saved everything from Little Z. We (ehhmmm…My husband) need to get up in the attic, pull everything down, and start putting it together for Baby Z-peat.


How I’m Feeling:

Good days and bad days, but shockingly mostly good days now. I don’t know if he’s dropped some or what but I do seem to be feeling better. It was really rough there those last few weeks. I was completely miserable. Now I still get tired quickly and I’m still having hip pain but I can actually eat something without feeling nauseated and like a bloated tick about to explode. I can feel the belly weight pulling on my belly and back when I’m sleeping. I have to use a pillow to support the belly to get a good night’s sleep. And there are lots and lots and lots of kicks to the ribs. Oy!

Weight gain:

Up to 18 pounds now.  I’m almost to the point where my running shorts don’t fit anymore and I’m determined not to buy any.  I have a drawer full of running shorts. I do not need to support that addiction by buying more. But I LIVE in running shorts. 😦 ACK! I may just steal some of Mr. Z’s shorts until this baby comes…tee-hee.


No crazy cravings right now. It’s so hot outside that I’m loving popsicles and sno-balls and ice cream but I think that’s nothing outside of my August norm.


I officially said “buh-bye” to running a couple weeks ago. It’s just too hot and too uncomfortable and painful right now. I’m still walking and moving and hitting the gym as much as I can. I miss running though. I miss the excitement of gearing up for fall race season. It’s so hard to sit on the sidelines watching everyone’s mileage go up. I know this is temporary and I know I’ll be back out there soon. I really need to find a good come-back race to focus on for post baby. Still searching for the right one. If you have any suggestions please let me know! I’m thinking February to April time frame.

10 thoughts on “Running…rather walking while pregnant – 33 weeks

  1. You look fabulous, my friend!! Keep up the good work! Around 33 weeks is when I started to get really uncomfortable so I totally feel your pain. I wasn’t sleeping well (yay for belly pillow!) I did a lot of walking and prenatal yoga after that. Not too much longer now! I like your idea of finding a late winter/early spring race to focus on.

  2. Jen, I so admire how you’ve kept up your fitness during this pregnancy. You will be back to running before you know it! Thrilled that Baby Z-Peat is almost here. 🙂 If you end up picking a NOLA race for your glorious comeback, let me know. It’s been WAY too long since I’ve seen you, lady!

  3. Ahh sorry about the no running thing but I can’t blame you one bit. Its too hot and humid here even for those of us who are not preggers! You’re still putting your fitness and health first so I seriously send major kudos as far as that goes! Just keep on keeping on and do what your body says that feels right!

  4. It sounds as if you’re feeling better which I’m so glad to hear. Maybe the little fellow has found a more comfortable way to curl up and grow. Just six weeks! Hang in there. You’re doing great!”
    Love ya,
    Mom 🙂

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