Product Review – Block Island Organics Suncreen

I was recently contacted by Block Island Organics to sample and review their sunscreen. Being a runner I spend a lot of time outside. Being a mom to an active toddler, I spend even more time outside. Living in the deep south, sunscreen is a must. I’ve been an avid sunscreen wearer for most of my life. I’m pretty fair skinned and so is the rest of my family. I put sunscreen on my face, neck, chest and hands everyday as one of the first things I do in the morning. Because we use sunscreen so much I’m always on the lookout for a sunscreen that I like and one I feel safe using on myself and my son. I liked what I read about Block Island Organics and agreed to try out a sample.


Boy am I glad I did! Block Island Organic sunscreens are non-toxic and mineral based. They are vegan formulated, paraben free, phthalate free, nano particle free, and non-eye irritating. If you’ll notice the bottle says “ultra lightweight” and they are correct! This stuff goes on so lightly I barely noticed it. It absorbs into your skin quickly so you’re not left all greasy and sticky as with other sunscreens. It has a very mild odor that I found to be pleasant. Some other things about the product that I really liked:

  • It’s non-comedogenic meaning it won’t clog pores so it’s safe to use on your face and body. I have very sensitive skin on my face. I wanted to test this out for a couple of weeks to see if it had any ill effect and it did not cause one single break out. Yay!
  • I can use the same product on my face and body (see above). No more using two separate products.
  • It is water resistant up to 40 minutes. We used this at the pool several times. I reapplied every hour to four and a half and we had zero sunburns. In the Louisiana 96 degree direct sun that’s saying a lot!
  • Vegan formulated and animal cruelty free- huge plus for me.
  • Super lightweight and easy to apply – it even won points with Little Z. “I like that sunscreen Mommy!”
  • Absorbs and dries very quickly – not thick and greasy at all
  • Low odor – There is no added artificial fragrance = awesome.

The two active ingredients in this sunscreen are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide, both of which the Environmental Working Group (EWG) lists as a “2” for low hazard. In fact, the Environmental Working Group lists all of their products on the 1 to 3 scale siting them as low hazards. (link here). In addition, their products were listed as a 2014 Top Pick on the EWG Safer Sunscreen Guide!


I cannot say enough good things about this product and I’m actually ordering some more in the baby line and some of the SPF 40 formula. The good folks at Block Island Organics have offered to extend a 20% off discount code good through 09/05/14 for your total purchase. Just use the code jenzen when you checkout!

The motto for Block Island Organics is “Play Smart. Play Safe.” I could not agree more.


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