Moving my pregnant body – 36 weeks!

It’s pregnancy update time! I’m almost at 37 weeks. EEP! Getting close! I am soooo done with being pregnant. I feel so physically limited right now. It takes so much more effort to get anything done. Forget picking up anything off the floor. I need one of those grasper claw thingies you see at Cracker Barrel. I’m constantly dropping things on the floor due to all the relaxin in my body. As soon as it’s in my hands, it’s bouncing off the floor. And then I have the whole inner dialogue of whether it’s worth my effort to pick it up or just leave it there for Mr. Z to get for me when he gets home. Most of the time it stays on the floor, unless it’s a food item that I’m craving.

And I know poor Baby Z-Peat has to feel all cramped up in there. He keeps karate chopping my ribs and bladder and stomach and spleen and pancreas and lady bits. Youch!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and I’ve progressed zero from last week. *sigh* He said, “Looks like you’ll be pregnant a bit longer.” It took everything for me not to jump off that table and smack him. The whole me being nekid from the waist down worked in his favor. Little Z cooked until the day after his due date so I guess I should just expect the same this time.


Sorry for the blurry pic but it’s rainy here. Fall’s coming! Fall’s coming! 🙂 (Sort of)

How I’m Feeling:

Tired, cranky, huge. with lots and lots of heartburn. My stomach is really pulling on my back and round ligament now. Sleeping is pretty uncomfortable. I’m using a pillow to help support my belly. It helps. Oh, and I have to pee constantly again.

Weight gain:

Just over 20 pounds.


Where’d my shoes go?


They vary. Some days it’s chips and salsa, other days it’s anything gummy. The weirdest so far has been a craving for sugary soda drinks. I don’t drink soda pop, haven’t in years. I never even crave one. And now I’m craving sprite and ginger ale. I did the same with Baby Z. I haven’t broken down and bought any yet, but I get a few cans of ginger ale to keep as a stash.

Running – Moving:

I’ve been pretty bad in the exercise department. Oh, I’m full of excuses: It’s year end at work, I’m exhausted, My back hurts, I need to watch this episode of “The Big Bank Theory”. Mostly it’s just SO DARN HOT and I’m SO DARN TIRED. Chasing my toddler around most of the day has honestly been my exercise. It’s supposed to get a teeny bit cooler this weekend so I’m hoping to get out and walk a few miles over the weekend.

Things I STILL need to do!:

  • Pre-register at the hospital
  • Let my pediatrician know we have another one coming for her
  • Pack my hospital bag
  • Pull EVERYTHING baby related down from the attic
  • Wash and sterilize all things baby related

I’m determined to get most if not all of this list done this weekend.

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