Welcome Baby Z-peat! First 2 weeks home.

As a lot of you already know, Baby Z-peat decided to make an early appearance! He couldn’t wait to greet the world. He arrived early on the morning of September 15th.




Little Z was really excited about finally getting to see the baby in Mommy’s tummy. I think he was more excited about the huge sticker they gave him at the hospital though. 🙂



Baby Z-peat checked out perfectly at the hospital even though he was almost 3 weeks early. He’s a tiny little peanut but dang if he isn’t eating like a champ! At his one week checkup he’d already gained a whole pound! This kid is eating and pooping non-stop. He’s already charting on the normal growth charts for his birthday, not his due date, which is exceptional. Yay!

We came home from the hospital a day early. I just am not comfortable at the hospital and I cannot get any sleep there. Both my doctor and the pediatrician told me it was ok to go home, so I packed my bags and bolted for the door. Ahhh…home sweet home. And that way I got to love on my other peanut – Little Z. I was missing him something terrible.20140916_172341

My mom, bless her wonderful heart, packed her bags quickly on Monday and drove for two days to come help us out. She was a Godsend! I truly don’t know how we would have survived and adjusted without her extra, loving hands. She gave Little Z that extra attention he needed while I had to care for Baby Z-peat.


And amidst all of this commotion I had a birthday! Four days after he was born I was celebrating my own birthday! What a wonderful early birthday gift. We kept it low key and just stayed home with cupcakes and my “new mom” coffee mug.

20140919_194103 20140924_065957

A brief run-down of the first week home:

How I’m feeling: SO RELIEVED to have that baby off my stomach! Physically I feel soooo much better. I think I ate enough food for three grown men at the hospital. I kept calling room service for more food. Ha! I was famished. I could eat without getting nauseated or plagued with heartburn. I was really sore after but nothing like when I had Little Z. I was pretty much up and walking around and taking a shower a couple of hours after Baby Z-peat was born. The biggest shock was the late uterine contractions I experienced while breast feeding. Holy ouch! They’ve been coming off and on for about a week now. Because I’m not in much pain, I find I’m overdoing it easily. I think I’m fine and then I get really tired and sore toward the end of the day. I have to remember to take it easy and let my body heal.

Baby eating, sleeping, pooping: Yes, yes and yes to all of the above! He’s eating really well, about every two hours. He’s had some cluster feeding episodes and the 3:30 to 4:30 slot seems to be his witching hour. He wants to fuss and eat frequently. But he is sleeping in solid two to three hour blocks – very manageable. I’m adjusting to his sleep schedule well and I actually feel pretty rested, all things considered. I’m not exhausted. Whoohoo!

Little Z adjustment: He’s done much better than I thought he would. Having to share mommy is hard! The first real melt down was over me putting Baby Z-peat on “his” changing table. He did NOT want to share his changing table. Occasionally he will tell me to put Baby Z-peat in the swing or have Daddy hold him so we can play. He’s also enjoyed pulling out all of his old baby toys and playing with them. He’s becoming more engaged every day. Now he will run and bring me the nursing pillow or pacifier when Baby Z-peat starts to cry. The funniest things of course revolve around breast feeding. The first day home he was confused why Baby Z-peat was biting me (on the breast). Now he will pat my boobs and say, “There’s Baby’s milk, milk, milk!” He also likes to run around the house with the breast pump nozzle and pretend it’s his horn.

Fitness and Body After Baby: I’m just not worrying about that right now. These first few weeks I’m just focusing on recovery, bonding with Baby Z-peat, schedule adjustment, and soaking up all this special time. I do have a lot more energy and I’m feeling the itch to get out there and start walking, especially as the weather is cooling down. We ordered the double stroller (EEP!) and it should be here this week. I’m thinking maybe a short walk to start this weekend.

That pretty much sums up my last two weeks. I will leave you with a picture of a smiley baby after a warm bath. Ahhh – that new baby smell. 🙂 IMG_20140923_130413

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