Friday Five Fave

Just a quick post between baby and toddler business for my Friday Five Favorites right now.

1. My Baby Connect app. Oh wow this app is such a lifesaver. I used it when Little Z was an infant and I’m using it again for Baby Z-peat. It keeps track of feedings, which boob he nursed on last, diaper changes, sleep, medical information (immunizations, weight, height, etc.) and so much more. And it puts out these nice bar graphs for you with all kinds of data. That appeals to the inner science nerd in me so much. I mainly just use it so I know when he fed and had a diaper change last. It’s much needed for when you are exhausted with mommy brain like I am right now. It’s available for Android and Apple devices and worth every penny!


2. All things FALL! I am so ready for cooler weather and pumpkin patches and boots and scarves and hot cocoa and… One of the local feed stores has the best pumpkin and fall mums around. We had so much fun exploring and picking out little pumpkins to take home. We’re going to go back soon for our big pumpkins and mums.


3. Our newborn photo session! I can’t share the photos right now but we got the proofs back and they are so gorgeous. I’m having such a hard time deciding which ones to purchase. I want them ALL!

4. College Football! Even though my poor Aggies haven’t looked too great the last few games I am a die-hard fan. I love watching all the games, especially the SEC match-ups. You never know how they’re going to turn out. There have been so many upsets already this season. The polls have been crazy! We play Ole Miss this weekend – EEP! GIG ‘EM AGGIES and beat the hell outta Ole Miss!


5. THIS sweetness! Little Z is really warming up to his baby brother and he asks now to hold him every night. It just melts my heart!

austin & alex

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