Monday Motivation – DietBet

Baby weight be gone!! That’s my motto. I’ve been doing pretty well and trying to patiently work this baby weight off, but I also have not really held myself accountable much. I will make lots and lots of excuses and the Halloween candy has been the death of me.


So, as a little extra incentive I decided to join my friend Mindy’s (Road Runner Girl) dietbet! I’ve always heard about dietbet via the Twitters but never really looked into it much. My diet mantra has always been, run your ass off, count calories, hit the gym some too. It’s worked in the past, but right now I need a little extra boost. With the late nights, sleep deprivation and added stress of balancing a toddler I’m really reaching for the junk food right now.


Here’s how dietbet works: You find a game you want to join and pay the entry fee (usually $25) which goes into a big pot. You commit to losing either 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks or 10% in 6 months – all VERY attainable with a little work. You weigh in at the beginning and the end and those people in the game who reached their goal get to split the pot. Easy peasy! I like that there is money involved. It’s a little extra boost to keep that cookie out of my mouth. Plus I also like that it’s very social. You can leave posts to your games, pictures, updates, and also cheer each other on. It appeals to the social media nerd in me. This dietbet game JUST started so you can still join if you like. Just click on the link here:

Road Runner Girl’s Fall into Shape DietBet 

I’m excited about it and I even talked Mr. Z into joining me. We’re doing it together which will make it a whole lot easier since we tend to support and push each other well.

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