Race Review – Keeping Up With Jones 5k & Fun Run

The weekend before last we trekked out as a family and ran our first 5k race with the new addition Baby Z-peat. We ran the Keeping Up With Jones 5k and Fun Run put on by Jones Physical Therapy. I’ve always wanted to run this race but something has kept me from doing it each year. I’d heard it was a lot of fun with tons of great door prizes. The weather has been gorgeous here lately so I decided to sign us up online to get our butts out the door and get moving.

wpid-20141018_082641.jpgI signed Little Z up for his first one mile fun run. He loves to run around the house and he runs down to the pond and playground by our house to play and feed ducks. I thought this would be a fun introduction to racing for him.

We barely arrived in time on Saturday morning to get Little Z up to the starting line for the one mile run (it’s tough wrangling everyone). Mr. Z was running it with him to assist and carry him if need be. He was a little overwhelmed by the people and excitement and poor Mr. Z ended up carrying him for most of the mile. But he put him down toward the finish and told him to RUN! And he did! It was so stinking adorable watching the two of them run in together.

20141018_081938Immediately following was the 5k. We loaded Little Z into The Beast and got ready to roll. Smoothie King was there so he was super content to chill in the stroller with his strawberry smoothie.


We walked to the start and got at the back of the pack. I had no illusions of grandeur about running this whole thing. I just wanted to run some/walk some and have fun. The course was through old town and along the lakefront. We could not have asked for a prettier day.

wpid-20141018_082716.jpgI actually  managed to run the entire first mile! I was so proud of myself. We ran/walked the last two since I was getting a little winded and tired. I didn’t want to overdo it. We finished the race and headed to the finish area. There was a ton of great food. Another Broken Egg Cafe catered the race. There were Southern biscuits, bacon, scrambled eggs, Smoothie King smootihes, Starbucks coffee, and Starbucks pastries and bagels. Several of the local half marathon races were out promoting their races with discounts too!

wpid-20141018_092809.jpgWe met up with some of our friends after the race (my friend Claudia and me here). It was so great to see Amanda and Fred (NOLArunner) there too! Always a pleasure physically chatting with some of my social running network friends. Sorry I didn’t get a picture with Amanda though. Speedy Fred won his age division! Congrats Fred!

wpid-20141018_095136.jpgThey were calling out all the age division wins and they got to the “5 and under” division. They called the name of the fastest girl and then they were calling the winner for the fastest boy. It was Little Z!!! He won his age division in his first race! (now he was the only entrant, but that’s besides the point). He was SOOOO excited to get his prize. He kept asking all morning, “I was the winner Mama?” He won a very cool coffee mug with a packet of hot cocoa. He loves his winner mug.

20141018_094726After the age division awards and overall winner awards they started with the door prizes. There were a BUNCH of really cool door prizes! My friend Claudia won a $175 spa package! Mr. Z won a $20 gift certificate to Varsity Sports. There was local artwork, jewelry, gift baskets from local merchants and even a grill (as the grand door prize). It was really fun watching the prizes being handed out.


All in all it was a GREAT race day. We had a blast and I will definitely be back to run it again next year.

Keeping Up With Jones 5k


  • Small, local race – not crowded at all
  • Fun, scenic course along the lakefront
  • GREAT food and coffee after
  • HUGE amount of really good door prizes
  • Really good race t-shirt. It’s super soft and cute. Sorry – no pic.
  • Very family fun oriented


  • I can’t think of one!

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