Friday Fave Five

My five favorite things this Friday!

1. Thymes Frasier Fir All Purpose Cleaner – Oh. Em. Gee. This stuff smells like Christmas in a bottle! I purchased some about a month ago after reading all of the rave reviews about it online. I was skeptical about it’s pine scent since some pine scents end up smelling like Pine Sol to me. Meh. Not my favorite. Nope. THIS stuff smells like someone bottled up the Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam candle and bottled it into a surface cleaner. I lightly spritz the counters with this after I’ve cleaned and the entire house smells like a fresh cut Christmas tree. It’s very, very fragrant. It doesn’t take much.


2. And on the whole Christmas tree note… Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam candles. They smell sooooo good. I like to burn this and one of the Twisted Peppermint candles at the same time for a Christmas explosion in the house.

fresh balsam3. Old Navy The Boyfriend Straight Jeans – I just bought a pair of these a few weeks ago and I love them so much I went back and got another pair while they were on super sale. These run big, so size down one to two sizes. They have so much stretch and are made of a thin denim which makes them super comfortable and forgiving. They’re cute rolled up like in the photo here or even down as a straight leg jean. I’m living in these right now.


4. Thanksgiving leftovers! There is just something about making yourself a big ole plate of leftover turkey, dressing, and mashed potatoes after a long, hard day of Black Friday shopping and going into a tryptophan coma while watching some football. Polish that off with a cup of coffee and piece of pie. Day after Thanksgiving is complete.


5. Baby coos and chatter. Baby Z-peat is such a morning chatter bug. I melts my heart to watch him smile and coo at me, even if it is 5:00 a.m. Love it.


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