Monday Motivation – DietBet Update

For today’s Monday Motivation post I’m posting an update on my DietBet outcome. If you remember, about four weeks ago I joined a DietBet group where I had to lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days or I would lose my $25 input.


Well, I’m happy to report that I CRUSHED it! I not only met my diet bet goal but lost an additional 5 lbs! I am officially below my pre-baby weight!! Whoohooo!!


And let me tell you that 99% of it was just eating the right things. I didn’t track my calories, I didn’t exercise like crazy. I have a newborn.


In fact, I was sick for 2 weeks of it and couldn’t exercise much at all due to a nasty chest cold. The key for me was eating clean. No dairy, no alcohol, no sugar and only unprocessed wheat in small portions. And I even cheated a bit with the sugar. I am totally addicted to my Starbucks and these bad boys. A single Reese’s in the freezer is like crack to me.


But by eating veggie heavy meals with lean protein I was able to drop the weight and then some. A sample of my day would be:

Breakfast: Coffee (with coconut milk creamer), and a protein shake using my Nutribullet. I would fill it full of berries (low sugar fruit) and spinach and a scoop of protein power and chia seeds.


Mid-morning snack: a handful of raw almonds.

Lunch: A salad loaded with all colors of vegetables and lean ground turkey taco meat. I would season it with organic evoo and balsamic vinegar or raspberry wine vinegar.


Mid-afternoon snack: Hummus with gluten free crackers (I really like the Nut-thins) or a Starbucks run.

Dinner: Paleo chicken soup. Basically just chicken noodle soup without all the noodles.


Late evening snack: An apple with natural almond butter and usually a frozen Reese’s . šŸ™‚

And lots and lots and lots of water throughout the day. Seriously. Lots.

I never felt hungry and ate as much as I wanted. The hardest part for me was the late night snacking. I would always crave sugar the worst then. The small frozen Reese’s seemed to satisfy and keep those cravings in check.

I really do feel great eating this way. I think I’ll keep up with the clean eating in moderation AFTER Thanksgiving. I plan to go a bit crazy Thanksgiving day. Sorry, but I LOVE my Thanksgiving indulgences. It only comes once a year. It’s my little reward.

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