Friday Five – Top 5 gifts for runners

With Christmas fast approaching you may be scratching your head on what to get the runner in your life. For today’s Friday Five, I’m listing my top five favorite gifts for runners.

1. Road ID – I do not leave for my run without my Road ID on. It’s comforting to know that all of my important emergency contact information is quickly accessible to emergency responders if, heaven forbid, something happens to me. Plus they can work as a medical alert bracelet.


2. iPod Shuffle – I don’t always run with music, but when I do I love my iPod Shuffle. I’ve been running with a Shuffle for years now and have been through about 6 of them. I’m a sweaty McSweaty person when I run. I’ve waterlogged a few. But they hold a ton of music, are super lightweight and clip easily to anywhere on your clothing. Plus I like that you can create different playlists for different running moods.


3. Compression socks – Ohhh these things are like buttah on your feet and calves. There are a bazillion different brands out there to choose from, but my personal favorites are the Zensah compression socks and sleeves. They know how to do compression and do it comfortably.


4. Running visor and shirt from Punk Rock Racing – I love that their clothing is unisex and fitting for that bad-ass runner in your life, be them male or female. When I put their running clothes on I feel a little more rebellious, a little more kick-ass, a little more PUNK. And that usually translates to a little more speedy!

punk rock racing

5. FlipBelt – I just did a big write-up about these guys in yesterday’s post. And I’m posting about them again today. Yes. I like them that much! Love my FlipBelt! Such a great way to carry all of your personal stuff hands-free while working out.


I still have discount codes to hand out. You can receive 33% off your FlipBelt order by commenting below. What’s on your Holiday Fit List??

The perfect gift for the runner in your life

I was supplied with free product to try out for this post however, I have been a fan of FlipBelt for a long time. Aside from product I am not being compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Are you shopping for a runner or fitness enthusiast? Are you looking for a comfortable, hands-free way to carry all of your stuff while you work out? Let me suggest FlipBelt for anyone on your Holiday Fit List! Or even grab one for yourself!


I cannot tell you guys how much I love my FlipBelt! I’ve touted my love for FlipBelt in an old post here while I was pregnant and running. I’ve tried several other types of belts to carry my Gu, phone, keys, etc. while running and every one of them shifted and bounced. I hated them. I tried FlipBelt out last year while running the New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon. I’d heard about them through social media and saw they had a booth at the expo. I bought one and crazily tried it out for the race the next day. I was hooked. It seriously DOES NOT MOVE. Once you get it on your hips it stays in place. And I had it loaded down with my huge-ass phone (Samsung Galaxy), my car keys, my Gus, and my I.D. It never once felt bulky. It never once bounced. It never shifted.


A little product information about the FlipBelt:

  • They’re made of 92% MicroPoly 8% Lycra
  • They’re moisture wicking
  • Has a 3M reflective logo
  • Washes easily (I throw mine in the washer and hang to dry)
  • Comes in nine fun colors
  • Sizing is pretty much spot on. I am a size 4 to 6 and I’m wearing a medium FlipBelt. If you are between sizes I recommend going with the bigger size. They do fit snugly.

wpid-20141211_145841.jpg wpid-20141211_145346.jpgYou can fit SO much stuff in these things! My car keys fit snugly in one side and my Gus in the other. And I usually put my phone in the back.

wpid-20141211_145206-1.jpgYou can check out all about FlipBelt here. If you would like to try one out or purchase one as a Christmas gift for that fitness lover in your life, FlipBelt has provided me with 15 discount codes for 33% OFF your order!!!!!!!! Simply comment on the blog below what’s on your Holiday Fit List and I will send you one of the discount codes. You can also use the code SWEAT10 for 10% off now.

Lost Reward: If you have seen my mojo please return to…

Yup. I’ve lost it. I just can’t seem to find it. My running mojo is missing. I need help! Where has it gone? Well, I can tell you: 3:00 a.m. feedings, juggling a 3 year old and a newborn, postpartum recovery, starting back my full time job and holiday preparation. My runs are few and far between. I just have not been feeling it. Meh. I have little desire. But funny thing is, I do. lost2

I read people’s race recaps. I see their “great run today!” tweets. And I get jealous. Jealous that I’m not out there. Jealous that I’m not running races. I want this kind of passion and fierceness toward running again. I WANT IT BACK!lost1

I think part of my problem is that the whole idea of starting over is so daunting. My mind remembers running 10 miles as a warm up. I want to be there again. Right. Now. I want to run 9:00/miles with ease. I can hardly run 3 without stopping for a walk break. The logical part of me knows that this is not going to happen overnight. I know that by NOT running, I’m not getting back to where I was any faster. I know this. But it still doesn’t resonate and push me out the door.

I need to set a goal, an easy attainable one that I can balance into my crazy life and schedule. Maybe just focus on 5ks? Or I was also thinking about doing a short trail race. The nice thing about a trail run is I won’t feel pressured on time. I just want to finish. It would also be something new. I’ve never done a trail race before. Maybe trying something new is just what I need to get out of this rut.

What advice do you guys have? How do you get out of a running funk and find your mojo again?

How to be a good running partner

One of the things I love about running is that it can be a solitary or group sport. You can put on those shoes and go out for a run by yourself or you can run with a group or partner. While I enjoy my solo runs, I love my runs with a running partner, especially the long runs. It’s amazing how well you get to know someone after running side by side for 2+ hours. You bond. You become “frunners”. Some of my best friends started out as running partners. On that note, here are some tips on how to be a good running partner.

1. Bring enough for the rest of the class. I’m talking about incidentals here. Pack an extra Gu, Gatorade, Kleenex or bar. I’m not saying you have to be a supplier for your running partner. But, it’s nice to know that you’ll have an extra for me on those mornings when I cannot get my crap together and I forgot all my fuel. And I will reciprocate the favor one day. You got my back, I got yours.

2. Don’t give me me the silent treatment. Every runner has their own preference of how they like to run. I’m a chatty runner and I prefer my partner to engage. I don’t mind running in silence occasionally. If you need that inner dialog to get through to the end, I understand. But most days I prefer engagement. If you need to run with music that’s fine, just put in one ear and leave the other one open to halfway listen to me commiserate about my pre-schooler wrecking the house. And I truly want to hear all about your day, goals, life in general. The more you chat me up, the faster the miles tick by. Conversation takes my mind off the pain. I don’t want to run side by side with someone who has totally checked out. I might as well be running by myself. And after 20 miles, there are very few places that the conversation hasn’t gone. Nothing is TMI at that point.

3. Kick my ass. Seriously. Kick away. I love a running partner who pushes me. I need one who tells me to “Suck it up buttercup!” when I start whining that I’m tired. Just a tiny bit of encouragement and tough love goes a long way…10 long miles even. I love running with someone slightly faster than me. I love being pushed to my limits. And I will push you on those days when you’re just not feeling it. We’ll get through those tough runs together.

4. Embrace the silliness. After 15 miles of sweaty, continuous motion I tend to get a bit slap happy. And giggly. And silly. Just go with it. Embrace it and feed it. So what if I want to sing “Push It” or the Armor Hot Dog song? It’s getting me through the long run. It’s making me laugh. If we were meant to click, you know all the words that I muddle through and you sing them just as loudly and off key.

5. Farts? What farts? You know I did that. I know I did that. This goes for all bodily functions. If you’re a new running partner let’s just ignore it and pretend it was a frog in the ditch. If you are a dear frunner, you call me out on it…loudly. And then we laugh together. And fart some more. And run.