Getting the itch to run!

Ok, so many of you know I’ve been in a running funk lately. I just have not felt the desire to run. I have a long list of excuses:

  • I wasn’t feeling physically (exhausted) and mentally (mostly) up to it after Baby Z-peat was born.
  • I was struggling finding a balance between work and having two small boys to make time to run/work out.
  • The holidays kept us so busy.
  • I LOVE Christmas and I wanted to make the holidays special for Little Z and our family so running/working out wasn’t a priority.
  • I was sick for almost 3 weeks around Christmas and did not feel up for running/working out.

But here’s the main reason: I just WAS NOT ready. Period. I needed  a break to recharge. I had tried to run several times after Baby Z-peat was born and the runs went well physically, but I quickly lost interest. To be honest I was loving spending time with my family. I loved holding my sweet, sleeping son in my lap. I loved playing firetrucks with Little Z. I loved going on nature hikes and adventures. I loved making Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas crafts with them. I loved decorating the house for all the holidays. I loved meeting my girlfriends for coffee (red cups! Yay!). I just did not want to run and have the pressure of a race training schedule hanging over my head. This time is so precious. They are only this small for so long and I really just wanted to soak it all up.


But all that has passed. I finally think I am ready. I’m feeling that itch to run…and I mean RUN again. I’m well. My family is finding it’s rhythm and schedule. I feel that longing to lace up the shoes and head out the door for a couple of hours. And I’ve even signed up for several races! I’m making a race calendar again. It feels right. I just had to wait the funk out and let it run it’s course. i needed to come back when I was ready. And so…

I ran! I ran! I ran! I ran a nice little 5k around the neighborhood this weekend. It felt amazing! I took it slow and easy and ran. No stops. No walk breaks! I’m hoping to slowly ease back into it and not lose the motivation and desire again. But I think I’m back on the right path or the right pavement. Ha!

wpid-20150111_110717.jpg wpid-20150111_103017.jpg

2 thoughts on “Getting the itch to run!

  1. Sounds like you had a busy holiday, but a good one filled to the brim with the things that matter most. Happy to read that you’re getting back into the groove. Safe to say the mojo has been found? 😉

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