Gallon a Day Challenge – week 2

wpid-20150205_103809.jpgSo, it’s time for another fun installment of “Scary Jen With No Makeup On”! Ha! So, it’s been two weeks of drinking lots, and lots, and LOTS of water now. I pretty much grab a glass of water and drink it every couple of hours without even thinking about it. It’s almost habit. Again, here are some of the things I’ve noticed since beginning this challenge:

  • My sweet cravings are still much, much less than they were before the challenge. I’m not reaching for the chocolate bowl much at all.
  • I do feel full a lot. All that water in my stomach keeps that full “satisfied” feeling more stable throughout the day. I think now when I feel hungry, I’m really and actually hungry and not possibly just thirsty, stressed, bored, etc.
  • I’m averaging about 6 hours of sleep a night with the baby and I’m surprisingly not overly tired. Now, don’t get me wrong, after a long, hard day I’m still exhausted come 9:00 p.m. But, most days I wake up easily and have a good, decent amount of energy throughout the day.
  • I’m down one pound. Not sure if that’s water consumption or just natural weight fluctuation.
  • The most significant thing I’ve noticed is I get less sore after a hard workout. I ran 6 miles this weekend with a friend, the longest I’ve run since having the baby. I truly expected to be sore the next two days. I was a little tight but very little to no soreness. I was shocked! My joints didn’t ache.

Several of my friends are doing the challenge too and here’s what they’ve noticed.

From Addie (@Baseballwife1):

Definite changes include tons of energy and a huge decrease in snack cravings. My fingers don’t swell as much when I run. Skin isn’t as dry and my complexion has cleared up. I actually wake up in the morning wanting a huge glass of water instead of coffee, which is a miracle in itself.
From Sarah (@iSarahtheQueen):
For me, the #1 thing I’ve noticed – no headaches and no need for ibuprofen. I used to get a headache almost everyday and would go to bed with my knees all achy. Now on day 16 of a gallon of water and I think I’ve had a headache once (and it was PMS related.) So I think I’d had it maybe once? Like Addie, my fingers are a lot less swollen. I’m sleeping better at night. Oh, no heartburn either!
I haven’t noticed any huge change in my appearance. Mostly my skin feels less dry. Time to go run to the bathroom (again) and drink another glass of water (again). Until next week, stay hydrated!

Gonna Run #LikeAGirl because #ThisGirlCan!!

There’s a new sheriff in town and she’s called GIRL POWER!!

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen the Always “#LikeAGirl ad from the Superbowl this Sunday. It’s taken off like gangbusters all over the internet. I. Love. It. It’s message is to take back the negativity once associated with doing anything “like a girl” and redefine it in the truth that it is. Doing ANYTHING like a girl is an AMAZING thing. It’s a STRONG thing. IT’S A GIRL THING!

The BBC recently put out a video with a similar message. Their “This Girl Can” campaign video was designed to encourage all women of ALL shapes and sizes to get out and get moving. I absolutely love this campaign too. It shows amazing, powerful, REAL women working out and sweating like warriors. The message here is to quit worrying about what you look like and go do what you love. Run, walk, swim, dance. If I jiggle while I do it? So f’ing what! My jiggling skin, fat, and muscles mean I am moving. I am strong. I am fast. I am fit.

I too have fallen victim to both of these issues. I’ve forgone wearing a particular pair of running shorts because my thighs jiggled too much in them. I’ve shied away from swimming at the pool because I was too self conscious about my body in my swim suit. I’ve made excuses for not joining in on the softball team because I think I throw “like a girl”.

We have GOT TO STOP! Stop the negativity. Stop the self-sabotage. We need to be proud of our accomplishments!!

Years ago (2005 I believe) Nike ran an ad series praising the various parts of a woman’s body that we tend to pick apart: thunder thighs, big hips, broad shoulders, knobby knees, big booties. This ad has stuck with me all those years. It resonated with me. It has reminded me time and time again that it’s OK not to fit into popular media’s ideal of what an athletic woman should look like. We are magnificent just the way we are. Jiggly, muscular, fat, skinny, tall, short, gangly, bubble, broad, wide, slow, fast…it just does not matter. What matters is one word. Strong. We are so, very, strong.


I have big hips. They helped me give birth to two beautiful children. I have thunder thighs. They got me across the finish line for four marathons and 20+ half marathons. I have broad shoulders. They allow me to push a double stroller while I’m running and then pick up both kids for hugs and kisses.

I love my body. I love my strong body. This girl will continue to love her body and all it has allowed her to do. This girl will continue to run like a girl, throw like a girl, dance like a girl, laugh like a girl and live like a girl. Because THIS GIRL CAN!