100 Miles in March

dji_kidilly_march_cIt’s finally March and that means the weather is starting to get pretty here again! That just spurs me to start running more. I love 100 miles challenges. I did this a couple of years ago (pre-second pregnancy) and I swear it helped train me to a PR in the fall. So, here goes for March!

I’m shooting for ‪#‎100milesinMarch‬ this month and I know several people who are in it with me. If you’re interested here’s how it works: Try to log 100 miles in March via running, walking, elliptical, cycling, rowing, swimming,…whatever. Cycling miles divide by 2 (e.g. 10 miles = 5 miles toward the 100). Swimming miles you double (e.g. 1 mile swim = 2 miles toward the 100). All other miles are one for one. I will post my mileage updates here and on Twitter as I accumulate mine. If you tag your mileage updates with #100milesinMarch on Twitter and Facebook I can find you easier and encourage the CRAP out of you and give you virtual high fives! So let’s get logging and get moving!!

If you want to following along with us you can find my mileage updates on my facebook page here or on twitter here.

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