Monday Motivation – Be Awesome!


It’s another Monday! I saw this on Fit Girl. Happy Girl’s blog and really liked it.  Just short and sweet. Go out there and be awesome this week! Be awesome in whatever it is you’re pursuing be it running, getting in a good workout, eating healthy, playing with your kids or just living life to the fullest!

We had a great weekend. It was rainy, rainy all weekend and I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to get our 5k in for the #BeatCancer We Will Find a Cure virtual race. But Saturday morning, the clouds parted enough that we could get our run in. It was a muggy, nasty run but I was so glad to be a part of such a wonderful cause and effort.

Beat Cancer

They extended the virtual sign-up for people that still want to get in on the action. You can still sign up here: #BeatCancer Bottomless 5K Fun Run & Virtual Run  and you get this great medal for your running or walking effort!

Beat CAncer medal

Go out and make it a great week and BE AWESOME!

Monday Motivation – Virtual Run to Beat Cancer

I’m posting a bit late for some Monday motivation but I got caught up in all of the Boston excitement and I had, HAD to go for a run to celebrate it all!!

For this week’s Monday motivation I’m writing about a race and cause very near and dear to my heart – the race to Beat Cancer! I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched or impacted by the war with cancer. It is such a devastating disease that we need to conquer once and for all. One of my dear Twitter and Facebook friends Chris Wilno (@Run2SaveLives) has organized this location race to help raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) and We Will Find a Cure. And what’s even better, THERE’S A VIRTUAL OPTION!! For just $30 you get a race bib, a race medal (see pic below) and a chance to run for a cause. Run, walk, crawl, whatever!! No effort is too small. They still need participants to reach their fundraising goal. Please share this race with as many people as you know. Let’s all join in the fight to #BeatCancer!!

Sign up is EASY. Just click on the RunSignUp link here:

Beat Cancer 5k Fun Run & Virtual Run

Beat Cancer

Super cool race bling you will get for signing up for the virtual race!!

Chris is a huge…no…GINORMOUS fund raiser for LLS and is such a motivating, inspiring person. You should follow him if you don’t already. If you don’t know Chris’ story, you can learn about it on his website We Will Find a Cure.

I had a chance to ask Chris a few questions on the race and their goals.

How did you come up with the idea for this race?

My story of loss led me to endurance sports.  Had my Dad not passed away, I may never have been introduced to the world of 26.2 and 50 and 140.6.  I always used a race to raise money to fight cancer.  This campaign is different.  No race, which is good timing since I can barely walk right now.  Endurance sports led me to coaching and my belief that running can change your life and change the lives of others.  What better way to bring this life lesson into the campaign than to do this.  Certainly my hope is that a lot of people sign up and we raise money but the reason it is a fun run and all ages are welcome is because I hope the informal setting allows someone that has been sitting on the couch wondering how to participate….the chance to give it a try. That is why I hope people build teams and become an ambassador for the race.  Use it certainly to fight cancer but also to inspire folks to change wherever they may be.

Explain a bit how the virtual race will work, for people who have never done one before.

The virtual aspect of the race is easy.  You simply sign up for our race the same way as if you live in Los Angeles.  We will mail you a bib and a medal.  Your job is to put in the mileage wherever it is that you reside or are traveling on that day.  If 3.1 miles is intimidating, do some mileage but push yourself beyond what you think you can do.  If 3.1 miles is not challenging enough, push yourself to run a half or a full or a 10K.  The point is to be out on the streets making a difference.

What are your goals for this race?

My goals for this race are 500 participants.  We would also like to have representation in as many states as possible. The name of the campaign is We Will Find a Cure and I would be thrilled knowing folks from all over the country/world were participating. It would do justice to our name.  My other hope is that somehow some way this race inspires someone along the way.

You inspire so many people daily with your coaching and encouragement. What inspires you to keep going?

A lot of things inspire me to keep going.  Too many to list here.

1) My story albeit sad provided me with more motivation than one should ever need.  It is one of the blessings from my story.  I promised my Dad before he passed that I would do my very best to fight back against the disease that took him.  I made the same promise to my wife and I promised Isabella I would lead a life that makes her proud.  When I am tired and don’t want to keep fighting…..I remember these promises and I move forward.

2) I hope by moving forward and fighting back and sharing my story that I can inspire others…..inspire them to do the same…..inspire them to stand up and fight when they would rather curl up in a ball……inspire them to push past their limits and what they think is possible.

3) Truthfully I give a lot but I get much more in return.  Over the years, being a part of changing lives…….I would not trade that except for more time with my Dad and Isabella.

4) There are people out there in the world in a dark place.  They find themselves where I once found myself.  They may read something I post. They may just be someone that watches me run all of the time. They need a spark in their life.  In the chance my life crosses with that life…..I want to know I did my part to make a difference.