Monday Motivation – DietBet Update

For today’s Monday Motivation post I’m posting an update on my DietBet outcome. If you remember, about four weeks ago I joined a DietBet group where I had to lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days or I would lose my $25 input.


Well, I’m happy to report that I CRUSHED it! I not only met my diet bet goal but lost an additional 5 lbs! I am officially below my pre-baby weight!! Whoohooo!!


And let me tell you that 99% of it was just eating the right things. I didn’t track my calories, I didn’t exercise like crazy. I have a newborn.


In fact, I was sick for 2 weeks of it and couldn’t exercise much at all due to a nasty chest cold. The key for me was eating clean. No dairy, no alcohol, no sugar and only unprocessed wheat in small portions. And I even cheated a bit with the sugar. I am totally addicted to my Starbucks and these bad boys. A single Reese’s in the freezer is like crack to me.


But by eating veggie heavy meals with lean protein I was able to drop the weight and then some. A sample of my day would be:

Breakfast: Coffee (with coconut milk creamer), and a protein shake using my Nutribullet. I would fill it full of berries (low sugar fruit) and spinach and a scoop of protein power and chia seeds.


Mid-morning snack: a handful of raw almonds.

Lunch: A salad loaded with all colors of vegetables and lean ground turkey taco meat. I would season it with organic evoo and balsamic vinegar or raspberry wine vinegar.


Mid-afternoon snack: Hummus with gluten free crackers (I really like the Nut-thins) or a Starbucks run.

Dinner: Paleo chicken soup. Basically just chicken noodle soup without all the noodles.


Late evening snack: An apple with natural almond butter and usually a frozen Reese’s . 🙂

And lots and lots and lots of water throughout the day. Seriously. Lots.

I never felt hungry and ate as much as I wanted. The hardest part for me was the late night snacking. I would always crave sugar the worst then. The small frozen Reese’s seemed to satisfy and keep those cravings in check.

I really do feel great eating this way. I think I’ll keep up with the clean eating in moderation AFTER Thanksgiving. I plan to go a bit crazy Thanksgiving day. Sorry, but I LOVE my Thanksgiving indulgences. It only comes once a year. It’s my little reward.

AMRAP Bars – Product Review and Giveaway!

As part of the Sweat Pink Ambassador program I was given the opportunity to try out and review three new bars from AMRAP Nutrition. I was sent three flavors: Almond Honey, Cashew Vanilla and Fig and Cacao. These bars were sent to me for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.

With the baby sitting right on my stomach (35 weeks! Whoohoo!) I’m having a really hard time eating and keeping a lot on my stomach. If I eat anything too large or heavy I’m miserable and nauseated the rest of the day. I’m turning to bars a lot because they don’t sit heavily on my stomach but offer a nutrient dense food option. So, I was excited to try these out.


A little about the bars:

AMRAP’s mission statement

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) defines our philosophy. Through determination, intensity, and focus, we aim to inspire and empower our community to reach their full health and fitness potential. Join us and together we will change the world. 

AMRAP bars are:

  • 100% Paleo
  • GMO-free
  • gluten-free
  • dairy-free
  • preservative-free
  • clear of artificial sweeteners

To maximize efficiency, AMRAP bars are packed with complete natural proteins and  amino acids to repair your muscles. Most importantly, all these bars contain the optimal  fat to carb ratio that increases lean mass and energy and is the crucial component for overall health and body composition.

I LOVE the mission statement for these things. As Many Rounds As Possible. So. Freaking. Cool. I’m a big label reader too. So many fitness bars are just loaded with refined sugar and preservatives. The bars get their sweetness by using dates. I like how few ingredients these have – very few and ALL recognizable and pronounceable. For example, the Fig & Cacao flavor has the following ingredients: dates, egg white protein, figs, almond butter, almonds, unsweetened coconut, cacao nibs and coconut oil. That’s it! I’ve attached the nutritional information for each bar below.

Almond HoneyFig Cacao Nutritional Fact Card.Fig CacaoFig Cacao Nutritional Fact Card.Cashew VanillaCashew Vanilla Nutritional Fact Card.

Some of the things I liked most about the bars:

  • THE TASTE! The almond & honey bar was my favorite (sea salt, cinnamon and raw honey…mmmmm). So yummy! I could really become addicted to these things.
  • The high protein content. At 12g to 15g a bar, they pack a nice little protein punch and help you stay fuller longer. Usually high protein bars can be really chalky and gummy. Not these babies! The dates and nut butters really make the bars palatable without any weird after tastes.
  • The fiber content. Often there’s a trade off between either high fiber or high protein bars. These bars offer high protein and a great 3g to 4 g of dietary fiber.
  • The limited ingredient content. I know what I’m putting into my body with these things.
  • They are made in the USA! USA! USA!

These bars were designed primarily for the CrossFit athlete but I can really see me using these bars for my long run fuel. I try and aim for something with a high protein and high carbohydrate mix that digests easily and sits well on my stomach. The AMRAP bars fit the bill. I’ve had zero stomach distress from these bars and I can see them really sustaining my energy levels for a long training run. I’m anxious to try them out come my first post-baby long run!

AMRAP bars launch today! For a limited time they’re offering a 12-count variety pack for a discounted price of $45. The first 2,500 customers will receive an added bonus of extra prizes, ebooks, and coupon codes. You can browse their products here.

AMRAP has also allowed me to giveaway an 8 pack of bars ($32 value) in any flavor to THREE lucky winners!! You can enter by clicking one of the links below! This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canada residents. Good luck!