Happy Global Running Day!

Happy Global Running Day everyone!!!

I love, love, love this day each year. So many great posts and pictures of people in the running community doing what they love: RUNNING!! I love seeing all the group photos, individual runs, race re-caps, and wonderful running inspiration from all over the globe.

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I had the fun opportunity to run with the Varsity Sports Ladies Running Group early this morning and then they opened the shop early for us and had a catered breakfast waiting! Coffee, mimosas, bacon, eggs, fruit, bacon, biscuits and BACON. I was a happy, happy gal! (Did I mention there was bacon!??)

There are always some GREAT race discounts for National…err… Global Running Day. I’m not going to list them all but I thought I’d put down some good local race discounts for those of you in the area.

Gulf Coast Half Marathon Series

Save $13.10 with code RUNDAY today only

Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans (along with MANY others)

Save $20 off the race entry if you register today

Jazz Half Marathon

Save $20 off your registration fee with code NRD2016

The Louisiana Marathon

Get a Summer Fun Pack (koozie, croakies, and a logo sticker) along with the processing fee waved with code RUNDAY2016

Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon

Get a Summer Fun Pack (koozie, croakies, and a logo sticker) along with the processing fee waved with code RUNDAY2016

New Orleans Track Club Spillway Classic

Register by June 1st before price increase


Ok, that’s all I have for now. I’ll update this list as they roll in but there’s some pretty stellar incentives to sign up for ALL THE RACES!!



It’s National Running Day Y’all!!

I love National Running Day! I love all the running posts and encouragements that stream across social media on National Running Day. It always gives me a kick in the butt to get out the door and get running. I love broadcasting why I love to run! I love all the fun things going on locally and nationally today. For instance, you can get your own customized “I Run” badge here.


As if you needed more encouragement to go run (it REALLY is good for you!), here’s a cool infographic outlining some of the great benefits of running.


I managed to get out in the heat for a lunchtime “runch” today ( I HAD to!). Those 5 miles felt so great. I really needed it. I enjoyed every sweaty, sweaty, SWEATY step of it. It’s getting hot out there. It was 89* when I finished up. Whew! Thank goodness for the shady trail.


Another cool thing happening today for National Running Day is all the great race discounts. Here are just a few from some of my favorite local races and national races. With these great race discounts plus early entry fees, how can you NOT sign up for one (or four)? If you have a favorite race or are thinking about signing up for one, check out their Facebook page today. They likely have a discount going right now.

Hope you’re having a great day and hope this encourages you to get out there and run, run, run! Any distance, any speed works. All that you need is a positive attitude and let the miles do the rest.

Happy Running Day Everyone!